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National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)


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System Requirements


To use NSLDS, we recommend one of the following supported browsers from Microsoft. If you do not have this browser, we recommend you download it.

In the past, NSLDS provided technical support for Netscape Navigator, but it is no longer supported as of February 2008.

To identify the version of the browser that you are currently using, use the Help menu item on your browser and select About browser name.

If you still have questions, please Contact NSLDS.


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Supported VersionsVersion 11.x

To download a Microsoft browser, use this link.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

ConfigurationFor help with the configuration of Microsoft I.E. browsers, use this link NSLDS I.E. configuration.

MS ExcelTM

Supported VersionsVersion 2003 or later

NSLDS has been tested with versions of MS ExcelTM 2003 (spreadsheets with a .xls extension) and later. If you have an earlier version than this you may have problems. It is recommended that you use one of the versions specified above.

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NSLDS System Requirements